The “Suits” actress, Meghan Markle has had a fast-moving three years. In 2017, she met Prince Harry through a common friend. She then fell in love and after a fairytale romance, married Harry in 2018. After entering the royal family, Meghan tried to adjust to a new lifestyle and grasp the intricacies of royal etiquette. She sacrificed many of her likes, embraced a new set of values and impressed all those around her. Then she became a mother in 2019. However, royal life did not agree with either of them. Meghan Markle and Harry belonged to the new generation.

She was an actress, he was a fighter pilot who had seen real action in Afghanistan. Obviously, they felt bound down by traditions. They felt the pressure of their surroundings and longed for the freedom to lead lives on their own terms. In the process, they probably stepped on many toes and are now back in canada.

The Sun UK says Meghan Markle is not one to sit idle for a long time. She has set the ball rolling to explore available options. She wants to keep herself busy and open up avenues of generating funds. Meghan loves acting and has held a number of meetings with people who matter.

Some of them are TV agents and she is toying with ideas of returning to acting this autumn. The publication reveals she has had dialogues with a number of entertainment agents from her new base in Vancouver Island.

Meghan Markle and possible comeback to the screen

Harry’s wife Meghan Markle will bid goodbye to royal duties by the month-end.

There are possibilities that she could go back to a career on the screen. It is something she loves and she has many contacts in the world of entertainment. They could extend help to the former actor of the legal drama “Suits.” She is right now settling down into a new life with Harry and Archie in Canada. They are not disclosing much about their future but there are indications of her involvement in documentaries related to the causes close to her heart.

The Sun UK makes mention of Meghan Markle and Harry relocating to Los Angeles. That way Meghan would get an opportunity to be near her mother Doria Ragland. However, their security teams advised that such a relocation would present huge risks. One would be the cost of such services. Second, the interference of the paparazzi because they would be in the spotlight and the media would hound them. It is the price Celebrities have to pay. They are in Vancouver Island and that guarantees a certain level of privacy.

There are reports in the media that Meghan has taken initial steps towards relaunching her acting career. She has apparently signed a voiceover deal with Disney. It is about elephants. Harry discussed it with an official of Disney when they met in London at the premiere of the “Lion King” in July.

Harry and Meghan Markle rebuilding their lives

According to Express UK, Meghan Markle is in Canada with her husband Harry and son Archie. She and Harry have stepped down as senior members of the British royal family. They now want to become “financially independent” and Meghan could revive her acting career in the Movies. She has the experience of the US legal drama “Suits” to her credit and it could be useful.

Harry is also considering similar options. Media reports say he is working with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey. The subject is a series about mental health on one of the TV channels

Focus of Meghan Markle and Harry

Both of them are young and want to live on their own terms. They want to be free from the shackles of royalty and bring up Archie as a private citizen. It will take the couple some time to adjust to their new lives and both of them are determined to succeed. Meghan Markle and Harry want to prove to the world that they can be a success even without the ‘royal’ tag. Both of them have seen the world from close quarters and have youth on their side. That will be an advantage.