Destiny 2’s” Season of Opulence may have been extended for another month, but Bungie just rolled out update that brought in some substantial changes in the game. The developer also responded to other concerns raised by their player base regarding the latest tweak as these include Braytech weapons, random rolls, and Reckoning rewards. Also, it may well seem that there will be some Sandbox changes coming for both of the Warlock’s Lunafaction Boots Exotic leg armor and the Titan’s Rally Barricade ability.

Lunafaction Boots and Rally Barricade

“D2” player and the world first to solo Argos – Chevy (@AyyItsChevy) recently took to Twitter to ask for some confirmation regarding what he just learned at this year’s PAX West. In his tweet, he stated that he was told that in a build during the said event, both the Warlock Exotic and the Titan class ability “were nerfed” and given an increased reload speed. This was later confirmed by fellow player iihavetoes (rowan) (@iihavetoes).

YouTuber Ninja Pups also took notice of the tweets saying that the change is basically giving players an Outlaw to whatever weapon they wield. Chevy also stated in one of his tweets that autoloads do make it less interesting and changing the said mechanic to faster reload speeds would “mix things up a lot.” Be reminded, however, that Bungie has yet to make it official.

Braytech weapons, Reckoning, and Gambit Prime

Meanwhile, Community Manager Dmg addressed a couple of things in relation to the update. One of these is are the exact numbers for Reckoning rewards.

According to him, as it continues to increase with each match played, they are unable to provide a single number to represent. He assured their community, however, that they should be getting a drop in Prime/Tier 2 Reckoning by the time players completed their fourth match. Tier 3, on the other hand, will have it on the second completion.

As for Braytech weapons and random rolls, Dmg stated that it would take some time and testing to introduce random rolls to weapons than the amount that they have put up the game’s latest patch. Further, he explained that the new patch was a “sprint” to put up, adding that they wanted to have what he calls a “fun hotfix” before “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” goes live. He also stated, “Random rolls were out of scope, while changes to drop rates could be done, and importantly, tested properly.” Dmg went on, setting the player base’s expectations that he can’t make any promises that there will be random rolls for those weapons, though he assured them that such feedback has been noted.

For the uninitiated, update made changes to “Destiny 2’s” Braytech Schematics, Reckoning, and Gambit Prime:

Braytech Schematics

  • BS no longer limited to one per day, per account
  • Will have a 25 percent drop chance when opening a Rasputin Data Cache
  • The four Braytech weapons being offered by Ana Bray will now have a better chance of granting players with weapons that they still don’t have.

Gambit Prime and Reckoning

  • Enemies in Reckoning will now have lesser health and inflict less damage to Guardians
  • Drop rates were also increased for both activities
  • Increased bad luck protection for both
  • T3 Reckoning will have higher drop rates and made it even more challenging

“Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” is slated to be released on October 1.