The open-world survival game, "Conan Exiles" has just received its latest DLC content. The newly arrived "Blood and Sands" DLC pack is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for just $9.99. Funcom made the official announcement this week.

On the studio website, the Oslo-based gaming studio posted more detailed information about the new DLC content, including the free update and the new Battle Standards feature. The gaming studio has even discussed everything about what the players can expect from the latest DLC pack. Funcom's latest addition added a host of new visual options, which include new arena building pieces, new weapons, and ferocious armor.

All of that new content in the "Blood and Sands" is exclusive to the DLC pack. However, none of this content gives any in-game advantage in power, according to Gamasutra. Additionally, all of those new items have comparable stats to the existing game items, the website added.

Funcom’s latest addition introduces a brand new feature Battle Standards

As mentioned earlier by the gaming-focused website Gamasutra, the latest DLC pack brings 15 new armor pieces divided into three sets, 29 new arena building pieces, 19 new weapons in the Bloodletter set, and 15 new war banner placeables.

Funcom also released a free update that contains new items, important bug fixes, and newly improved PvP mechanics. But the most interesting addition to the survival game is the new type of placeable called Battle Standards.

This brand new feature will allow players to create their own massive arenas and fighting pits for gladiatorial-style combat. The new feature also allows players to create fighting arenas even on PvE servers and joining the PvP on PvE servers will be completely optional for the players.

The brand new Battle Standards features a tall, placeable flag with crossed swords on the front, and it's used to mark specific areas as PvP zones.

Players and fans can learn more about the new DLC pack and free update when they visit the gaming studio’s official blog. The 'Conan Exiles' Steam page also shows some detailed information about the latest update.

Funcom posted rules and functions for the new Battle Standards

In addition, the Norwegian game developer also brought several functions and rules to the new feature, Battle Standards.

The goal is to prevent exploits and griefing during the game.

According to Funcom, the newly introduced Battle Standards won’t allow land-claims and will also ignore land-claims when placed by the players. Instead, this new feature uses exclusive rules to prevent multiple arenas from getting too close to each other.

Funcom also added in their latest blog post that PvP combat around the Battle Standards is completely optional and players will get a warning message if they enter that area around the Battle Standards. The warning message will give players the option to select opt-in or opt-out. If the player selects opt-in, that player will be eligible for PvP combat while inside the Battle Standards’ area of influence, but if a player chooses opt-out then that player won’t be able to join in PvP.

Players can get more about those functions and rules for the new Battle Standards when they visit Funcom’s official blog.

The survival game "Conan Exiles" is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.