Destiny 2’s” “Shadowkeep” expansion is just a couple of weeks away and alongside its release is a new raid event dubbed Garden of Salvation. That said, for its World First race to be running perfectly smoothly without any issues, Bungie has just announced that they’ll be disabling an Exotic that has been discovered to be way too overpowered.

The Toaster’s getting disabled in ‘Destiny 2’

“D2’s” Director Luke Smith took to Twitter to announce that they’ll be disabling the Jotunn (a.k.a. the Toaster) in the upcoming Garden of Salvation. He further explained that they’ve identified an issue with the Exotic fusion rifle adding that they’ll be rolling out a fix in a future update.

YouTuber Ehroar recently uploaded a video talking about it as someone on Twitter brought the issue to his attention. According to him, when the weapon is fired towards an enemy at close range, the damage inflicted is insanely increased for some unknown reason. The glitch was so OP, that the YouTuber deemed it as the most broken item in the history of the game. He also pointed out that the bug was present in Jotunn as early as January of this year adding that it didn’t go mainstream until now.

Further in the video, Ehroar compared the Jotunn with other powerful weapons in the game. He first tried Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper where a single shot reduced an Ogre’s health bar to a third. Emptying a full mag of the Wendigo GL3, on the other hand, brings down the enemy to a sixth or seventh of its health.

With Jotunn, it inflicted more damage than the first two weapons did and when the Ogre was hit in the right spot (and the player gets enough damage), it can literally one-shot sort the enemy.

The plan with Jotunn

In line with this, Community Manager Cozmo revealed over on r/DestinyTheGame that their plan is to disable the bugged Exotic for the first 24 hours to cover the Garden of Salvation’s World First race.

He further explained that they can’t pick and choose where it’s disabled, adding that players will not be able to use it by the time they temporarily remove it from the game.

The Jotunn was introduced in “Destiny 2’s” “Black Armory” segment which is part of the game’s Annual Pass. For the uninitiated, players can now get the game’s Annual Pass for free provided that they’ve previously purchased the “Forsaken” DLC.

On boss stomps and Warlock’s melee situation

Meanwhile, Cozmo also addressed other concerns that were raised by their player base. One of them is the boss stomp mechanic where he stated that the feedback about it has been noted, though there’s nothing to confirm yet. The same thing goes with the so-called “melee situation” with Warlocks where he replied that he already made the dev team aware of it. The community would like to have quicker melees to match other classes in “Destiny 2.”