The series of debacles has definitely taken its toll on famed “Fortnite: Battle Royale” player Turner “Tfue” Tenney, as he announced that he’ll be taking a breather from streaming. The former FaZe Clan member made several posts over on social media explaining why he’s taking a break.

‘Trapped in a negative crawl space’

Tfue recently posted a short tweet that was followed by a couple more announcing that he’ll be taking some time off from streaming. He added he still feels unhappy despite everything he could ask for in life and went on to state that he feels “trapped in a negative crawl space” inside his mind.

He did not go further into details as to what he’s going through right now, but it is certain that it’s something serious.

In his last stream, it is pretty much evident that he is burnt out from playing “Fortnite” paired with the annoyance of losing in every match. Before he ended his stream, Tfue can also be heard repeatedly saying that he’s unlucky and went on to say that it’s been getting too depressing for him to continue playing, not to mention that he’s in disbelief about his gameplay.

Fellow pro-players showing some love

Other well-known streamers and pro-players took notice of Tfue’s tweets and hat prompted them to send him some love and support.

One of them is SypherPK (@SypherPK) who tweeted, that it would be best if Tfue would do some research and seek some professional help. He further explained that doing so would help him a lot with his mental state of mind, adding that it can help him take on whatever challenges he’s into at the moment.

Albeit the ongoing legal issues between them, FaZe Clan owner and former teammate – FaZe Banks (@Banks) also tweeted out stating that happiness doesn’t come from money nor from followers, adding that it’s a mindset and it’s as simple as being happy and giving others happiness.

He ended it saying that happiness comes from people and relationships as these should be worked on by Tenney. Even fellow pro-player Cloak (@cloakzy) - whom he had a recent misunderstanding with – also took to Twitter to give him some encouraging words.

For the uninitiated, Tfue, Cloakzy, and 72hrs got into some argument that caused the disbandment of their “Fortnite” trio as they are slated to compete for the game’s fourth week of its Champion Series.

It began when Tfue tweeted that he’s looking for folks that would play alongside him in the tournament. He then, later on, revealed that both Cloakzy and 72hrs took a “Madden” deal without his knowledge adding that he too was offered the deal, but declined. He now blames the two for losing $140,000 because of that. Cloakzy and 72hrs, on the other hand, responded to the claims and explained their side of the story.