Bungie was at this year’s PAX West where they showcased “Destiny 2’s” upcoming expansion that is “Shadowkeep.” Yet to be released weapons and armor pieces were leaked during the event and one of them includes the Exotic Rocket Launcher named Deathbringer. Attendees of the event also stumbled upon a couple more Exotic armor pieces and even captured some of the items in action.

Deathbringer details

The Deathbringer was first teased in “Shadowkeep’s” Gamescom trailer and leaks about it are now coming straight out of PAX. Images of this powerful weapon have already been posted online including its perks.

YouTuber WiLLiSGaming tweeted and even uploaded a video about this new Exotic where he detailed one of its perks. According to the screenshot, its main perk is Dark Deliverance where the weapon can remotely fire detonated projectiles that drop Void orbs on enemies (basically a rocket launcher that shoots out top tree Nova Bombs).

Reddit user u/Spartan_RO55 was able to get details about Deathbringer’s second perk – Dark Descent through another member of the subreddit. The OP noted that the further these Void orbs fall, the more powerful its explosion will be. The upcoming Exotic also has 15 rounds per minute, magazine size of one, and a maxed-out Blast radius.

For Byf and Destiny 2 lore enthusiasts

For players who are into the “Destiny” lore, U/Technobolt1321 posted a screenshot of the weapon’s lore tab that reads: “Sing them a lullaby of death and nothing more.” “The Song is the antithesis.

The Song is destruction. The failure to master the harmonies of life has birthed the anti-creation – the sullen frequencies of ruin. Those sweet melodies carry with them more than death – a rending of spirit and mind, flaying of the physical self till nothing remains.”

“The beauty of the cascading notes. The imperfect inflection of their tune...

There has ever been, and will ever be, art in creation. So too in the act of annihilation – erasure and bittersweet finality. This is The Song’s truest gift. “In its wake, once the echoes have rung their last, there is only silence and the grand splendor for nothingness.”

Meanwhile, another Reddit user was able to capture the Loud Lullaby hand cannon in action during the event. For the uninitiated, it’s the weapon Eris Morn is holding in “Shadowkeep’s” reveal trailer. In his Imgur album, he also posted screenshots of the armor pieces that were initially leaked including some of their perks:

  • Stormdancer’s Brace (Warlock)
  • Ascending Amplitude (perk) - Each enemy that players defeat with Stormtrance increases the damage players deal with Stormtrance.
  • Phoenix Cradle (Titan)
  • Beacons of Empowerment (perk) - Sun warrior will last twice as long. Allies who’ll be passing through the Sunspots will be granted with Sun Warrior.

“Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” will go live on October 1.