Destiny 2’s” “Shadowkeep” is just weeks away and Bungie folks were at PAX West to showcase the game’s soon to be released content. It was during the mentioned event that attendees noticed some upcoming stuff that will be rolled out in the game, though there is one that irked them and it has been recently addressed by the game developer. Also, it appears that Bungie already confirmed that an Exotic will be getting a long-requested buff it needs.

On reskinned Raid armor

Reddit user u/MikaHyakuya took to r/DestinyTheGame to express his thoughts about the reskins that were stumbled upon by “D2” fans over at PAX.

According to the post, the OP believes that the player base should not accept reskins as raid loot. This after the armor pieces, for both Hunters and Titans for the Garden of Salvation raid, were spotted during the event. It was discovered, however, that they were just reskins from a "Curse of Osiris: Eververse" armor set. YouTuber and streamer Sweatcicle even made a side by side comparison of the titan headgear from the "Eververse" CoO set and the upcoming raid armor.

Community Manager Dmg, responded to the post and confirmed it was a raid armor, though he also stated that he’s “seeing some misinformation spreading.” He went on to assure the “Destiny 2” community that more details would be disclosed as soon as they’re back from the PAX West event.

Members of the subreddit were quite disappointed upon learning about the armor sets, complaining that they were not quite sure what Bungie will be revealing next to pacify the feelings expressed by the OP’s post. Others speculate that the developer could be rolling out raid-exclusive ornaments come “Shadowkeep.”

Sunshot buff

Meanwhile, Twitch streamer Frostee (@Frostee_) recently tweeted an image that pretty much confirms that the Sunshot Exotic hand cannon will finally be getting a buff.

Per the image, it shows the stats of the weapon and, what made it interesting, was that the magazine size indicates that it has 12 rounds on it (currently it has eight). Be reminded that the image was taken at PAX West and pretty much a simulated build of the game according to the OP.

A buff on the Exotic hand cannon has been the request of manyDestiny 2” players for quite a while now.

Prior to the tweet, Dmg already addressed such concern and revealed that the magazine size of the weapon is being worked on by Bungie’s dev team and it will be part of the game’s quality of life changes. He also stated in, a separate response, that the “D2’s” Competitive Playlist would also be getting some updates that would make the Catalysts more accessible. This came after players requested to have MIDA's Catalyst be moved to regular PvP.