Update v10.30 in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” has brought in numerous tweaks in the game alongside another wave of new cosmetics. The game’s current season – dubbed Season X also introduced Rift Zones where popular points of interest from past seasons are being reintroduced on the map, but with a twist. However, players are beginning to complain that the BR shooter’s final circle usually ends up in one of these zones and this has prompted Epic Games to respond to this emerging concern.

Final circle tweak

A few days ago, Reddit user u/coloredpen posted a short clip over on r/FortNiteBR featuring FaZe Kaz’s gameplay moments before winning the match.

In the video, it showed how the player ended up inside Greasy Grove and bagged a very unexpected Victory Royale (Kaz did the mandatory Taco Time inside the Rift Zone).

The zone’s mechanic may have saved Kaz, but other players are quite irked about the final circle ending up in one of these zones. The post gained quite some traction that Epic’s Design Lead Eric Williamson took notice of it and responded that they will be rolling out an update in an upcoming patch. According to him, final circles will no longer end in Rift Zones and this will go live sometime this week in the game’s v10.31 patch.

More POIs?

Fortnite” dataminer HYPEX (@HYPEX), on the other hand, recently tweeted some interesting intel that he stumbled upon within the game files.

If his tweet is anything to go by, it could be hinting at possible POIs in future seasons:

  • Beachy Bluffs
  • Mountain Meadows
  • Camp Cod
  • Weeping Woods
  • Dirty Docks
  • Sunny Shores
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Holly Hedges
  • Power Plant
  • Lazy Lake
  • Mountain Meadow

'Fortnite' Intel also covered the story as they noted that there could be another live event that would usher in some massive changes on the map or Epic could be introducing a new map for the battle royale shooter.

A different storm

Meanwhile, it looks like the storm, in “Fortnite’s” Chinese version, has a different mechanic as compared to its western counterpart.

This after another Reddit user posted a clip of him playing “Fortnite’s” Chinese version where the OP claims that the storm does not inflict damage on players who are inside of it. Instead, there’s a third bar directly below the player’s health that goes down once inside the storm. Per the OP, “the damage gets higher when the circle gets smaller, but normal health isn’t affected.” He also noted that the feature is active on the game’s Solos, Duos, and Squad modes.

When asked about LTMs on the said version of the game, the OP replied that such game mode is almost non-existent. The last LTM that he remembers was the “Fortnite” - “John Wick” crossover.