"Fortnite Battle Royale" players are currently trying to uncover the mystery of the giant cube that appeared on the island a week ago. The cube has been a source of speculation ever since it appeared, and no one knows exactly what its purpose is. Lightning from the sky brought the cube and it originally appeared in the desert. However, it is by Shifty Shafts right now, and it seems that it will keep moving north to Tilted Towers.

Ever since the cube appeared, players have been thinking that it will move to one of the areas on the map and destroy it, or that it will simply destroy the entire map.

While it is unlikely that Epic Games would introduce a whole new map for the new season, there is a good chance that a single area could be destroyed soon. This area, according to the runes left by the cube, could be Tilted Towers.

Tilted Towers' possible destruction

While Tilted Towers is not one of the original places on the map, it has been in the game for quite a long time. This area was added with patch 2.2 which was released in January, and it has been the most popular landing spot since then. Not only does this place have a lot of loot, but it is also located close to the center of the map, which means that almost every battle bus route goes through it.

The reason why many players believe that it will be destroyed is due to the runes left by the cube.

Reddit user PuckRedflix combined the runes left by the cube and put them over Tilted Towers on the map, resulting in a perfect fit. A few days ago, the cube started leaving burning runes behind, and there is no doubt that the cube is leaving hints.

While this theory by the Reddit user seems interesting, no one knows for sure yet what will happen.

Destroying Tilted Towers would make a lot of sense, especially since the game developer already hinted at this in previous seasons. However, this area may remain untouched once again.

Other areas that could be destroyed

Aside from Tilted Towers, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players believe that Salty Springs and Loot Lake could also be destroyed.

These two areas have been in the game since its release in September of 2017, and it's safe to say that many players would like to see something different.

Salty Springs is especially interesting since all the stone heads on the map point to this area. With less than a month left in season five, players can expect even more events to be released, and hopefully some of them will bring answers instead of more questions.