Survival horror games have gotten more interesting in the past couple of years with zombies being a primary feature. Something is intriguing about trying to survive in a frightful environment filled with other characters/creatures itching to do the player harm.

The story is very important to a video game, but the gameplay and the environment are just as important. On August 29 it was announced that "The Forest" will be released on November 6 for PlayStation 4.

The story

The horror game was originally released on Steam, but according to ComicBook, it "left Steam early access at the end of April.

Following that full release, Endnight games said that the PS4 version was next with the most recent announcement confirming when the game would be out."

"The Forest" casts players as a father who is marooned in a wooded landscape in search of his son after surviving a plane crash. It is up to the gamer to find the son and survive, as there are many creatures that are set out to attack and kill. Weapons and tools can be crafted along the sinister journey. The game is realistic, as players will have to scout for food and water to survive, make fire, and find shelter by night time.

The game will also have multiplayer. The multiplayer is said to be the best aspect of the video game, despite being driven off of the single-player experience.

Behind the hype

According to the PlayStation Blog, there will be unparalleled freedom. Players can play the video game as they please.

They can build a base, fight creatures, and explore the environment. Almost everything is interactive, like chopping down trees, picking berries, and hunting animals and using their skin as armor. Players can build a raft as well. There are also creatures that want to attack. Gamers can even explore caves, which house some of the most terrifying creatures.

Grand achievement

Sony recently announced that they sold over 500 million consoles. To commemorate this, they created a limited edition 2TB PS4 Pro that is available for purchase online. It will hit stores in September.

There is a lot of other news to look forward to for PlayStation fans, as the new "Spider-Man" game will be out in about a week. If that isn't enough, they also announced yesterday that "God of War III Remastered" and "Destiny 2" will be available for free on the PSN Network for subscribers of PlayStation Plus. There are also rumors that the next member of the family, the PlayStation 5, could arrive next year or the year after.