There has been a lot of news in the PlayStation hemisphere with the arrival of "God of War III Remastered" and "Destiny 2" being the latest lineup to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The arrival of anticipated games set to come out next year and the one after that are "Spider-Man," "Ghosts of Tsushima," and "The Last of Us Part II."

The Xbox One X and S were hit with heavy competition from the Nintendo Switch and even more with the PlayStation 4. Despite all of that, Microsoft is planning on releasing another rendition of their latest system, the Xbox One X.

Here is the latest news on the upcoming Xbox One console and everything that will come along with it.

Another rendition

Microsoft has decided to make another rendition or slight change by making the Xbox One X a white glossy color instead of the original black. They took the idea from the Xbox One S, which was a white color contrast. According to an article by The Verge "The new white console will be available exclusively at GameStop or Microsoft Stores in the US, priced at $499.99." It will arrive for the public on November 14.

The console will still have a hefty price tag like the Xbox One X that debuted a while ago. If this wasn't enough to intrigue other gamers or loyal Xbox fans, the console will come with the anticipated game "Fallout 76," along with early access to the beta.

According to an article by GameSpot, there will be more accessories coming with the latest member of the Xbox family. It will come with a white wireless controller, of course, and a 1TB hard drive according to the article.

Available for pre-order, new controller

The new console is available for pre-order currently from the Microsoft Store or GameStop for about 500 bucks. For people who pre-order the system they can pick up the console a month earlier on October 15.

"Fallout 76" won't be playable however till November 14. However, gamers will get early access to the beta for the game that's scheduled to come out in October.

Microsoft also made the announcement of a newly designed Xbox Elite Wireless Controller - White Special Edition according to the GameSpot article. What makes the accessory different is that it has swappable D-Pads and thumbsticks, along with customizable buttons, and rear padding. Gamers like to redesign the controllers to how they please for added comfort and a competitive edge for first-person shooting games. The upgraded controller will be up for purchase on October 16 for $150 bucks.

In addition, people can pre-order a white version of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headset, which will cost $250 dollars and that releases on September 16.

Turtle Beaches are said to be one of the best headsets for gaming on the market.

It is a good move for Microsoft to make another Xbox One X because Sony announced weeks ago that in recognition of selling over 500 million consoles, there will be a limited edition 2TB PS4 Pro, which is available for purchase online and that will hit stores in September.