Epic Games, "Fortnite" developer, has released so many amazing updates lately. The updates affected both Battle Royale (PvP) and Save the World (PvE) modes, and "Fortnite" players love the new in-game additions. A few days ago, the game received a huge Christmas update that added over 60 new items to the game. In addition, a new PvP season has started, and players now have a chance to obtain all these new items while leveling up.

Earlier today, the game developer accidentally released a new shooting mode that was supposed to be added in early 2018.

The mode was removed shortly after, but it allowed players to test the new shooting mechanics for a brief period. Now, "Fortnite" Battle Royale received another update, and this update includes a brand new item! In addition, the game developer made a few changes to traps.

New 'Fortnite' item

"Fortnite" Battle Royale players have already received an announcement that a new item would be added to the game. The new item is a small shield potion, and it allows players to get some extra armor and survivability.

The new shield potion gives players 25 shield, up to a maximum of 50. It drops in stacks of 3 and players can stack up to 10 potions in one inventory slot. The potion has an uncommon rarity and it takes 2 seconds to consume it.

Just like the normal shield potion, this potion can be found in floor loot, as well as in supply drops and chests. In addition, players cannot drink it while moving.

This is the third potion in "Fortnite" Battle Royale that allows players to gain shield.

The regular shield potion gives players 50 shield and it's a must-have item late in the game. Slurp Juice adds 1 health and 1 shield every second for 25 seconds, allowing players to get to 100 health without using a med kit.

Trap changes

Before the update, there were six different traps in "Fortnite" Battle Royale. Three of those traps were used to damage players, while the other three were used for mobility and movement across the map.

The new update combines these and now there are only two different traps: damage traps and launch pads.

Spike Trap, Wall Zapper, and Ceiling Zapper have been combined into one trap called Damage Trap. This trap will automatically switch between floors, ceilings, and walls. On the other side, Launch Pad, Vertical Jump Pad, and Horizontal Jump Pad have been combined into a single item called Launch Pad.

Players can now switch between traps with the same button they use for changing building material. The radial menu was removed, which will make trap selection much easier, especially for console users.