A week after "ARK: Survival Evolved's" DLC - "Aberration" got released and the fandom quickly delved into the expansion's story and eventually beat the DLC's final boss. However, there are some of them who managed to sneak into the what could be the early stages of the game's next expansion.

Glitched their way through

"ARK: Survival Evolved" player and YouTuber who goes by the moniker ThickFreedom was one of the first game vloggers to have beaten the "Aberration" expansion where the ending cutscene brought him to the game's next ark.

This time, however, he somewhat managed to break into the system that gave him access inside the upcoming ark that is believed to be named "extinction." The YouTuber did not disclose as to how he was able to get inside, as he stated in his recent video that he might get into trouble.

He did mention though that there was a "glitch in the mainframe" that allowed him to get inside what he calls some top-secret stuff.

The first part of his vlog showcased what was teased during the ending cinematics of "Aberration." Since it's in its very early stage of development, most of the visual elements were just camera projections that look 3D when observed from a distance. The towering obelisk, however, is already rendered in 3D.

'Extinction' theories

Upon further investigation, he came across with a darker portion of the glitched end scene. It featured a ravaged ark where most of the scenery was covered with lava. There were also huge structures alongside an obelisk that is still in 2D.

That being said, the YouTuber theorized that the lava-laden environment could be set in the past and the lush greenery during the final cutscene could be the events after the extinction. He further explained that the apocalyptic version of the ark could be just part of the narrative and the gameplay will take place in the forest-rich version.

Another theory that he proposed about "Extinction" is that humans cloned themselves in order for them to survive and keep the cycle going. Some Players agreed to such a theory adding that humans knew for themselves that they are going to be wiped out and cloning was "sort of their do-over." They went on stating that the "Extinction" is what remains of the real world, adding that the humans who broke free from these so-called simulations will soon realize that they are the only ones left.

Studio Wildcard has yet to make a statement about this recent discovery. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: