"Fortnite" developer Epic Games has worked hard to make the video game interesting and to update both of its modes. Even though Battle Royale mode was released in late September, it has already gained over 30 million players, and it's breaking numerous records. While it helps that the video game is free, constant updates and amazing addition are the biggest reasons why "Fortnite" Battle Royale has become so popular in such a short period.

Speaking of updates, the game developer has prepared another big patch for "Fortnite" players. This will be one of the biggest updates the game has received so far, and once again, it will affect both Save the World and Battle Royale modes.

Epic Games recently released the patch notes, and you can read the details below.

Battle Royale season 2

Season 1 of Battle Royale has come to an end as the game developer is starting the second season of the PvP mode. While the first season wasn't too bad, it had many flaws. Players were not happy with the rewards they received for leveling up, and they wanted something different.

However, Season 2 will be much different as players will be able to earn more than 65 rewards. Patch notes indicate that it will take from 75 to 150 hours for players to get everything. Season 2 will start on December 14 and will end on February 20 next year. Season shop will be replaced with the Battle Pass which will give players cosmetic loot.

Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, and unlocking it will give players many different cosmetic items!

Cosmetic changes

"Fortnite" Battle Royale players will get a new weapon. This is a Snowball Grenade Launcher, and it will be in the game for a limited time. In addition, the battle bus will look different and there will be many gifts waiting for players around the island.

Epic Games added another cool thing in this update as players will be able to express themselves with emotes and emoticons!

Gameplay changes

There will be two new daily quests that will reward players with XP, and a few existing quests have been changed. For example, players will no longer be required to get 3 pistol eliminations as the upcoming patch will change it to only 2 eliminations.

In addition, scoped and burst assault rifles were once again renamed. The scoped variant is now called Assault Rifle with Scope while the burst variant is simply called Burst Assault Rifle. Also, silenced SMG was renamed to Suppressed Submachine gun.

Legendary SCAR will not drop less frequently as its drop rate was reduced by 25 percent from floor loot and chests.