Epic Games released Battle Royale mode for "Fortnite" in late September and the game has become very popular since then. The first version of the game was very simple and it did not have a leveling system. However, the game developer added levels shortly after, but it seemed that the game still missed something as players did not get any rewards for leveling up. However, patch V.1.8.2 changed this, allowing players to access a season shop.

Most "Fortnite" Battle Royale players were disappointed, however, as their leveling rewards were not good.

Basically, leveling up would allow players to unlock certain items with V-Bucks, which basically means that players who don't spend money on the video game wouldn't get anything. However, things might be different in season 2, and the game developer announced it a few hours ago!

Season 2 has been announced

Just a few hours ago, Epic Games announced season 2 of "Fortnite" Battle Royale on Reddit. The game developer said that the first season would end later this week, and that season 2 would bring exciting things.

Season 1 allowed players to reach level 100, but they would stop receiving rewards at level 35. At this level, players would unlock the ability to purchase Raider's Revenge, which is an amazingly-looking pickaxe.

Season 1 also had two different skins, at level 15 and 20, and reaching level 5 would unlock a new glider for players.

"Fortnite" Battle Royale community hopes that season shop will be improved for season 2. There are two main complaints about the current system, and the game developer will hopefully improve it. First, players want to get rewards for leveling up instead of the ability to purchase things.

In addition, four rewards are simply not enough. However, considering that the developer announced new cosmetic items, some of them might be used as level-up rewards.

More details on season 2

The Reddit post made by Epic Games did not reveal many details regarding season 2, but the game developer said that players would get more details in a few days.

Considering it's Tuesday, it won't be surprising if we get more details before the weekend.

Players are excited to see what's in store for season 2, and they are hoping that the game developer listened to the feedback and suggestions. "Fortnite" Battle Royale players should keep in mind that their level will reset with season 2, so they should use the upcoming days to level up and unlock season 1 rewards!