The "Overwatch" fandom was hyped with the announcement of the newest support hero in the game – Moira. Blizzard officially released the healer within the game's Public Test Realm alongside her alternate skins, emotes, and sprays.

Players are, as of the publishing of this article, giving Moira O'Deorain a test run on the PTR to check out her abilities and especially her healing attributes. Per the PTR patch notes, the geneticist has both "regenerative and degenerative technologies at her fingertips."

Biotic woman

The mobile healer has an ability known as the Biotic Grasp.

Her left-hand serves as her primary fire, where she releases a beam of biotic energy that heals nearby friendlies. The right-hand is her secondary fire, where she unleashes another beam that sucks out the life energy from her enemies and replenishes her biotic energy in return.

The same thing goes with her Biotic Orb, where Moira shells out a rebounding biotic sphere. The new hero has the option to have the orb release either a healing or decaying effect as it passes through. Fade is another ability that lets her teleport in a short distance and become invulnerable to damage at the same time.

Moira's ultimate – dubbed as Coalescence - lets her channel a long-range beam that both heals her teammates and deals damage to her opponents. Players even pointed out that this ultimate is somewhat similar to Son Goku's Kamehameha.

Meanwhile, it is a known fact among "Overwatch" players that the first-person shooter has been plagued for the longest time with toxic players.

The situation is so bad that Blizzard resorted to creating a so-cold strike team to deal with them.

"Overwatch's" Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down with Kotaku as he revealed that Blizzard has put together an "anti-toxicity strike team," consisting of analytics and support personnel, game designers, and a collective known as "Risk." The team's role in the game was undisclosed, though Kaplan stated that the group is currently devising some "short, medium, and long-term plans" to make the gaming community a better one.

He added that if a player is exhibiting bad behavior within the game, a simple chat silence won't do the trick as these players can easily throw matches or vent out in other ways. Kaplan went on stating that if they keep on being toxic within the game, they will have them "leave the game permanently." Check out a video about "Overwatch's" latest hero here: