The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal that PC users are angry and upset over the sudden in-game bans of the sequel's PC version. Video game developer Bungie announced they will address the situation and make new plans to adjust its banning software to prevent an incident like that from ever happening in the future.

Bungie also released a new patch update to fix the PC version's stuttering problems. PC players complained about the sequel having stuttering and hitching issues to the point of having in-game lags.

PC ban solution

According to SegmentNext, Bungie has overturned the bans on players who they felt were kicked out from the game and promised them that they will check and adjust "Destiny 2's algorithm on their new ban system.

The new ban system was originally implemented on the PC version to prevent players from using foreign software to cheat their way into the sequel's raids and crucible sessions. But it seems that the system is blocking all sorts of programs that are not supposed to be banned from the game such as OBS, overlay game footage, and other harmless third-party software.

PC users are hoping that Bungie will handle the situation properly and prevent more unintentional bans from happening in "Destiny 2."

A new patch update

Bungie launched a new patch update on "Destiny 2" on the PC platform after users complained about stuttering issues to the point of looking like an in-game lag. Players are still getting over 120 fps in the game, but there are instances that the frame rate becomes low and instantly comes back to normal.

While the issue does not bother PC users playing PvE, those who are playing PvP are angry of the sudden hitching, and they cannot enjoy the game properly. The new hotfix will fix the stuttering issues caused by the previous update, and Bungie guarantees that it will not happen again.

The game developer announced that the sequel's first DLC expansion, "Curse of Osiris" will launch on Dec.

5. The expansion will increase the player's level cap from level 20 to 25, and the expand their power level cap from 300 to 330. Although players can still increase it to 335 by using Legendary mods.

The "Curse of Osiris" will feature the Guardians traveling to planet Mercury to prevent the rise of the Vex from taking over the universe.

The Guardians must find the legendary vanguard, Osiris as he holds the key to stopping the Vex's plans. The DLC expansion will also feature the Infinite Forest, the Lighthouse social hub, and new raids and strike missions.