Game developer Guerilla Games recently revealed the latest “Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wildslaunch trailer. It revealed some of the new features of the DLC expansion and cutscenes. It also teased Aloy’s mission in the snowy north.

The game developer also revealed some tips on starting out the new expansion. They advised players to prepare first before going to the snowy areas because they might get overwhelmed. The length estimate of the new DLC campaign was also revealed.

New trailer reveals several cutscenes

The new launch trailer for the new DLC expansion showcased several cutscenes.

It started with a male character from the Banuk Tribe that gave background information about the new region called The Cut. He also revealed a new threat that came in the form of smoke and ash.

The man said that a lot of his fellow tribesmen have died from this new threat. He also feared that the spirits have abandoned them. Aloy suggested that they were going to find some answers from this new enemy.

The trailer also revealed the evolution of the facial animation of the characters. It has more emotion now, compared to the vanilla version. New robotic creatures were also revealed, like the frenzied large monster that harassed the northern tribe.

New expansion takes a lot of hours to finish

Several game reviewers have already finished the new DLC expansion in one day.

They revealed that it would take from 10 to 20 hours for players to finish, but it will depend on their starting level. They were recommended to be at level 30 before attempting it.

New Traveler skill tree revealed

The new DLC expansion featured a new Traveler skill tree for Aloy to develop. It assists her in navigating the new environment.

The DLC also allows her to customize her trusty spear.

There were several new skills that can be unlocked in this new skill tree. There are abilities that can be used while riding a mount. It also introduces a new special move that allows Aloy to kill robotic creatures in one hit with her spear.

Latest save can be used

Guerilla Games community manager Jeroen Roding revealed some tips in starting up “Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.” Players can use their latest save from their first playthrough or their New Game+ playthrough.

The expansion will be available regardless of both scenarios.

Players should also finish a quest called A Seeker at the Gates before entering the new region called The Cut. They should also find the quest-giver that was added to the base game region for directions. They have blue quest start markers over their head.

Check out the "Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds" launch trailer here: