The latest "Overwatch" comic, featuring Zarya, is officially out and its cover photo has stirred quite the talk among fans. Many believe that it might have teased the next hero that will be included in its roster of combatants. Also, reports are suggesting that Blizzard might be venturing into developing games for mobile devices according to the recent job ad that they posted.

Enter Lynx Seventeen

The Digital Comic, called "Searching," is about the events after the so-called Infiltration incident within the lore. The Russian tank, Zarya, is commissioned by Volskaya Industries' CEO, Katya Volskaya, to track down and capture the hacker Sombra (Olivia Colomar).

The hero was accompanied by the Omnic hacker, known as Lynx Seventeen, who was featured alongside Zarya on the digital comic's cover. Quite a number of "Overwatch" fans believe that Blizzard might be hinting that a new character is on the way.

However, there are some stating that it is quite unlikely since the developer made it clear early on that there will be no two heroes that are alike. For those who haven't read the digital comic yet, Lynx Seventeen has some similarities with the Omnic monk Zenyatta.

Hero #26 already playable

Fans might remember that Jeff Kaplan previously hinted that hero #26 is already fully playable within Blizzard's internal servers. The "Overwatch" director pointed out though that this new character won't be released anytime soon.

Nevertheless, some faithfuls believe that the next hero could be teased at this year's BlizzCon in November.

Mobile MMO RTS plans

Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting that Blizzard could be planning on making an MMO RTS title for mobile devices. This is due to a job listing that was posted on the game maker's website as they were looking for a Unity mobile client engineer.

The ad was already taken down by Blizzard, though a fan took a screenshot of it and posted on a forum site known as Icy Veins.

The post stated that Blizzard needs a person who has "5+ years of Game Development experience" with expertise in both Android and iOS development. They also require the candidate to have a clear understanding of game assets alongside an experience in mobile platform optimization.

This falls in line with the developer's previous posting for the same project, though they're on a lookout for a Lead Artist back then. Just like hero #26, it is also believed that Blizzard might give out details to this endeavor at the upcoming BlizzCon. Check out a video about the game here: