The widely-played first-person shooter that is "Overwatch" continues to evolve as Blizzard constantly drops updates to polish their game a bit more for enjoyable gameplay. That being said, a new game tweak just went live as it fixed some issues with one of the game's healers as well as some of the maps.

Back in business

Patch notes for the recent update were posted on "Overwatch's" forum page as its contents were mainly intended for PC players. Per the new game tweak, it revealed that Blizzard has issued a fix on both of Genji and Mercy's Oni and Winged Victory skins.

It can be recalled that players noticed that the heroes' ultimate voice lines were not working properly whenever those outfits are in use.

Blizzard also announced that they have removed the Temple of Anubis, Horizon Lunar Colony, Volskaya Industries, and Hanamura maps from the game's Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes. The developer pointed out though that these can still be used in "Overwatch's" Custom Games.

Audio glitches within Junkertown were also fixed including an issue with the spectator camera where it loses track of the hero's whereabouts, and players controlled objects. For the complete roster of this new patch, players might want to check "Overwatch's" forums.


Meanwhile, the game maker also announced a few days back that they will be implementing permanent bans on "Overwatch's" Competitive Play.

This is to further intensify Blizzard's efforts to reduce players that are behaving badly within the game. Blizzard's Community Manager Josh Engen stated in the post that players who'll be accumulating a total of three or more seasonal bans may be issued with a permanent ban from Competitive Play. Engen further explained that both seasonal and permabans do not go away after a certain amount of time.

It's that time once again

Players – especially the noobs - are in for a treat this weekend as Blizzard announced that they can play "Overwatch" for free beginning the 23rd all the way through Monday, the 25th.

The free to play weekend will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as the game's entire cast, maps, and game modes can be accessed by would-be fans/players. In line with this, the developer also took to Twitter to announce that the Game of the Year Edition of the FPS title will be at a 20 percent discount until September 28. The original price was $59.99, hardcore users can now purchase it discounted at only $39.99. Check out a video about the game below: