Overwatch” hero Symmetra is a notorious character in the game because of her simple play style and questionable role. Despite being a Support hero, she is the only one that doesn’t have any healing skills, compared other heroes like Mercy or Lucio. Instead, she supports her team through more defensive options like barriers and turrets. After her buff last year, Symmetra has become a pretty popular character, especially on Defense maps.With that being said, here’s why you should play as Symmetra in ‘Overwatch.’

Teleporting teammates

Symmetra is the first hero who has two ultimate abilities: the teleporter and Shield Generator.

The former creates a machine that allows players from the base to pass through that device and reach the point quicker. Symmetra’s teleporter is her greatest asset as it allows players to save time instead of having to walk back to the point. While it might not be as powerful as Mercy’s Resurrect, it still manages to get the job done. The only downside to this ability is that the Teleporter can be destroyed, so make sure to hide it somewhere safe.

Adding more health

Meanwhile, Symmetra’s shield generator is also a powerful ultimate ability that deploys a device which grants a 75 HP shield to her team in a large radius. Unlike health or armor, shields restore over time, so it’s great having a little extra padding when engaging in a fight.

Blocking attacks

During her rework, Blizzard changed her second skill with a moving barrier instead of giving allies a measly 25 HP shield. This barrier allows Symmetra to block attacks and if nifty of shielding allies. It can even counter Pharah’s ultimate if you manage to deploy it without dying. While the shield is mainly used defensively, Symmetra can also use it when attacking by shielding her team as they charge through a choke point or hallway.

No aiming required

The best thing about Symmetra’s kit is her auto-aiming gun that gains more power after each second. Her gun has a fairly medium range and can easily take down heroes like Genji or Lucio. If you’re in a room full of enemies, Symmetra can continue her killing spree by keeping her gun’s power level as she transfers her attack from target to target.


Symmetra is also a specialist when it comes to securing points in “Overwatch.” She can deploy up to six sentry turrets that can be attached to any surface. If an enemy passes by, the sentry will fry them with a laser that slows them down and drains their health. Take note that her sentries are really easy to kill since they only have 1 HP.