Blizzard continues to tweak “Overwatch” by adding or adjusting the content in the game. While we haven’t seen much patches over the past few days, the developers have finally launched a PTR update not too long ago. Unfortunately, this update doesn’t add much to the game. That said, here are the patch notes for the latest “Overwatch” PTR update.


Blizztrack has shared the full patch notes for the latest Public Test Realm update. One major highlight from the patch is that Blizzard managed to track down a sever stability issue. Turns out this links to a Roadhog bug; hence they temporarily decided to remove the Tank character in the PTR for this update.

That said, Blizzard strictly clarified that this change is only for the PTR and will not hit the live servers. They couldn’t give an ETA on when Roadhog will become available again, but they are currently looking into the issue. Moreover, they will provide further updates on the PTR forums once everything has been fixed.

Bugs (General)

Moving on, the latest update addresses some bugs in the game. First, they fixed a bug that prevented borders from appearing on the Hero Select and Match Status screen. Similarly, they also fixed an issue that prevented players from spectating Deathmatch games via the Custom Game lobby.

Bugs (Heroes)

For bugs pertaining heroes, Ana’s sidearm no longer emits a bright light in the gallery.

Mercy’s ultimate icon now displays correctly when hacked, and they also fixed the issue that affected Zarya’s Mystery Gift Emote. Widowmaker’s knees don’t snap together anymore when jumping, and Ganymede now makes “appropriate roadrunner noises” when using the Dune Buggy Skin.

Bugs (Maps)

As for the maps, they fixed a bug that displays the wrong map to be displayed during the hero selection phase for both Lijiang Tower and Nepal.

The progress bar now appears when reaching certain checkpoints on Escort and hybrid maps. Finally, they also fixed the issue with Doomfist’s Seismic Slam UI from functioning correctly.


The “Overwatch” PTR patch also fixed an issue with the A.I. and where they respawn after configuring the Custom Game lobby. Moreover, Sombra bots can no longer hack health packs.

BlizzCon 2017

Patch aside, BlizzCon 2017 is just right around the corner. Blizzard usually shares their biggest surprises for their games during the event, so “Overwatch” fans should expect to hear some big news then. So far, many people are asking for a new hero and game mode, so we’ll see what the developers have in store. They’ve already confirmed that they will open a large loot box on the stage. The event will start on Nov. 3, so buy your virtual tickets now if you plan on attending.