While there are plenty of healers in the game, none of them can continuously heal a large group like “Overwatch” hero Lucio. This freedom fighting DJ relies on speed, music, and healing to help his allies. Despite his simplistic kit, it actually takes a good amount of game sense to know how to use Lucio effectively, especially seeing how his healing radius has been severely limited. If you’re looking into which Support hero to play as, you should learn to use “Overwatch” hero Lucio.

Large healing

Lucio is the only “Overwatch” hero that can steadily heal in a large radius, unlike Ana’s Biotic Grenade or Soldier:76’s Biotic Field.

His healing aura automatically restores health to himself and anyone else within the radius, meaning you won’t have to worry about prioritizing targets. The main trade off here is that he has the lowest healing output unless he uses Amp It Up to amplify his support capabilities.

Speed Boost

Similarly, Lucio can switch his healing aura with his Speed Boost to make himself and his allies move much faster. This is a great ability to use when trying to escape from ultimate abilities like D.Va’s bomb or Mei’s Blizzard. If used with Amp It Up, Lucio and his teammates will move even faster, which also makes this a great ability for slow tanks like Reinhardt or Orisa. Lucio can pick up his fallen teammates from the spawn area so they could move to the payload or control point faster.

Just shoot things

Since both his healing aura and speed boost are automatic, Lucio can focus on shooting his enemies without having to focus on who needs support. Ideally, Lucio should be with his team to maximize the most out of his healing, especially during team fights. For the most part, you can just fight without having to think about who to heal.

Environmental kills

Lucio’s primary fire is three slow projectiles that do a good amount of damage if they manage to hit their target. His secondary fire is called the Soundwave that pushes affected targets back. The Soundwave makes him a popular choice in maps like Ilios as he can easily push enemies off of cliffs. Enemies hanging near ledges are easy targets for Lucio to push, so keep that in mind when fighting in those types of maps.

Sound barrier

“Overwatch” hero Lucio’s ultimate ability creates a large decaying barrier that gives allies a large amount of health. His ultimate ability is great for countering other ultimates like Dead Eye or Tactical Visor, but keep in mind that the barrier drains fairly quickly.