Overwatch” offense heroes are primarily responsible for taking out enemies and making sure their team is safe. However, not all heroes under this category are the same as they each have their own special abilities. Soldier:76 mainly relies on the traditional run-and-gun tactic while McCree is better for close-ranged combat. Sombra, on the other hand, might have low damage output, but she can help the team in other ways. Despite being an unpopular pick, this Mexican hacker is slowly becoming popular because of her debuff skills. With that being said, here’s why you should use the ‘Overwatch’ hero Sombra.

Hack everything

While Sombra’s gun has an insanely wide spread, she truly shines with her Hack ability. The Offense hero can hack health packs which allows them to charge faster and make them limited to your team only. She can also hack turrets and disable them for a short period of time, giving her team time to destroy it. The most important thing she can hack is her enemies which disables them from using their skills for a few seconds. Sombra is especially effective against characters like Reinhardt, Orisa, Doomfist, and Winston whose kit heavily relies on their abilities. Her ultimate ability is a mass hack that can “silence” enemies within range, making it a perfect initiator for a team fight.

Under the shadows

Sombra is the only hero in the game who has access to invisibility. Her Thermoptic Camo skill makes her invisible for a short time while enhancing her speed. This is a great tool to use when flanking the enemy and infiltrating Enemy Lines. Moreover, her invisibility also pairs well with her Opportunist passive skill as she can easily hunt down weakened foes and finish them off.

Her Thermoptic Camo shouldn’t be used as her escape, however, as it has a slow start up and can be canceled if she’s hit by an enemy. Nonetheless, her invisibility is still one of the most powerful abilities in “Overwatch.”


Sombra’s other ability ensures that she always has an emergency exit if things look tough.

She can throw her translocator beacon and instantly teleport back to that location at any time within the 15-second limit. Most Sombra players use the tactic of hacking a health pack, throwing the beacon, going invisible and running past enemy lines, causing some damage, then teleporting back to heal. Her beacon isn’t limited to defensive options as she can use it to reach new locations or when escaping from an enemy.