Nintendo has finally released “Fire Emblem Warriors” for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. The latest crossover spinoff brings together several heroes from the series for another adventure. However, things are a bit different this time as the typical tactical RPG turn-based gameplay has been replaced for more intense action. That said, series fans might feel a bit overwhelmed when they start the game. Here are a fire “Fire Emblem Warriors” tips you should know before starting.

Distribute wisely

There will be four main characters you can control on the battlefield.

However, there are also other side units that cannot be controlled, yet are much more powerful compared to your typical soldiers. That said, your units should focus more on attacking bases since they are controllable. Once you’ve managed to seize a good amount of forts, move in the other non-playable units to guard the bases. That way, you can continue fighting without having to worry about your base getting overwhelmed. However, don’t forget to fall back if you see that your units are in critical health.

Training Grounds

“Fire Emblem Warriors” actually allows players to raise character levels outside of combat via the training grounds. You have to exchange gold for it, but it’s a great way to keep your other characters topped up.

That said, you shouldn’t use this mechanic to level up your high-level units since it will cost more gold. It’s much better to bring them in combat instead of investing your money. Instead, only use the training grounds if you want a more flexible team and need other characters.

Use the forge

You’ll collect a good amount of weapons after every battle.

All of these items are equipable, but you’ll find a lot of them just sitting in your inventory. You have two choices to deal with this: either sell weapons or forge them away. Forging essentially grabs a trait from a weapon you’re not using and attaches them to another weapon (assuming they have the slots for it). If your bronze sword has a Strong V trait, forge it over to your iron sword for some extra damage.

If no weapons have any traits or slots, it’s best to sell them instead.

Diversify the team

“Fire Emblem Warriors” brings back the weapon triangle system wherein specific weapons have their own advantage and disadvantage in combat. Many enemies in the field will use more than one weapon, so it’s best if your playable characters all use different equipment. A stable team would consist of something like Lianna, Cordelia, Lissa, and Robin.