"There are plenty of characters in “Overwatch," each with their own set of skills. While Ana might have the most utility out of all the Support heroes, Mercy has the most mobility and sustainable healing ability. Mercy is pretty popular among the players for her simplicity and powerful ultimate ability that can save team fights. While some may argue that she takes no skill, a good Mercy player knows how to avoid danger while keeping her team alive. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using this “Overwatch” Support hero.

Power of Flight

Out of the four Support heroes, only two of them have the mobility to move freely around the field. However, Mercy is still the fastest Support character thanks to her Guardian Angel ability. This allows her to weave across the field and fly to her allies or fallen teammates. This skill is essential if you’re playing as the healer since it’s her main mode of escape. Similarly, using Guardian Angel is also the best way to approach an injured target, or if you need to resurrect a group of dead teammates. Mastering this ability will make Mercy difficult to kill, thus allowing her to keep healing the team.

Heroes never die

Mercy arguably has the most powerful ultimate ability in the game as she can bring a group of fallen allies back to life.

Moreover, she also gains invincibility when she uses Resurrect, which allows her to avoid life-threatening attacks and other deadly ultimate abilities. Often, players usually hide during major team fights and pop out once their team has been completely wiped out.

Don't be afraid to resurrect

From there, her allies will have full health and can easily fight back against the weakened enemies.

However, don’t be afraid to resurrect one or two players on the field as having an extra member of the team during combat makes all the difference.

Auto healing

Unlike Ana, Mercy doesn’t need to aim when healing others. She can lock onto targets and keep them alive from a safe distance by simply holding down a button. Alternatively, she can also damage boost her allies the same way.

While Lucio nor Zenyatta also don’t have to aim when healing, Mercy has the highest single healing output in “Overwatch.” She’s the core Support whose primary purpose is to literally keep everyone alive. That being said, she’s something along the lines of a “play maker” who decides who lives or dies with her ultimate healing ability.