Orisa is the latest “OverwatchTank hero to join the fight before the infamous Doomfist. She shook the meta with her large barriers and defensive abilities, ultimately acting as a good substitute for Reinhardt. Following her recent buff, she’s seen a lot of more use in competitive play with the cheese meta revolving around her and Torbjorn. If you’re looking for a strong Tank hero, here’s why you should pick up the “Overwatch” hero Orisa.

Mobile barriers

Unlike Reinhardt, Orisa has the option to deploy her large barriers around the field. These shields cover the same amount of ground as Reinhardt’s shield, except it has a much lower health pool.

However, Orisa can easily throw out another barrier after its short eight-second cooldown. The best thing about her shields is that she can defend a teammate from across the field without having to be near them. Her shields are also large enough to block around two big Tank heroes or 3 smaller characters.

Mini Graviton Surge

Orisa’s alternate fire shoots a small circle that can pull enemies toward it. It acts like Zarya’s ultimate ability, except it's on a much smaller scale. This ability is perfect when trying to finish off an escaping enemy as most characters in the game are faster than Orisa. She can deploy her alternate fire and pull them back to finish them off. You can also use the skill to pull enemies off of ledges or group the enemy team together to combo with your ally’s ultimate ability like Junkrat’s RIP-tire or Reaper’s Death Blossom.

Body shield

Orisa’s other ability is Fortify which allows her body to become something like a shield. In this state, she’s immune to another crowd control effects, and she takes 50 percent less damage from all incoming attacks. This ability is perfect if you find yourself trapped or if Mei uses her ultimate ability as Orisa can just walk right out of it.

If you’re familiar with body blocking, this Tank hero makes the perfect shield if you plan on taking shots for an ally.

Power boost

Orisa’s ultimate ability acts like Mercy’s damage boost, except it affects everyone within the area. You can combo her ultimate ability with something like Tactical Visor, Death Blossom, or Dragonstrike to enhance their damage.

The only downside to this ability is that Orisa uses a destroyable device to boost her allies. It’s best to use the ability behind your shield or somewhere secluded, so your enemies don’t find and destroy it.