Overwatch” has picked up plenty of attention over the last year since it released. While the game was already polished when it was released, Blizzard continues to support the game with additional content. So far, we’ve gotten four additional characters and a handful of new maps and modes. In line with this, the developers are gearing up to release another Patch next week that will bring in some new content. Here’s a recap on what Blizzard might plan to introduce.


Blizzard has already confirmed that Junkertown will be coming to the live servers this September 19 through their behind-the-scenes creation of the map.

This certain area is the first additional payload map that is coming to the game since it launched last year. While Eichenwalde also has some payload elements, it’s considered a hybrid map since attackers will have to capture the point before escorting the cart. Junkertown is a full-fledged payload map set in the Australian outbacks following the omnic crisis.

Back during Gamescom, Blizzard released a short cinematic trailer called “The Plan” which explains why we’re delivering the payload in the first place. Supposedly the car filled with jewels and gold also has explosives that are meant to destroy the Junker Queen’s base of operations. That being said, you’ll be escorting the payload from outside and into the Queen’s quarters.

D.Va rework

The D.Va rework has been on the PTR for some time now, so it’s only fitting that Blizzard will finally patch this in the live servers. For those unaware, the Korean Tank’s Defense Matrix has been nerfed as it does not have the same up time as before. In exchange for her defenses, Blizzard has granted her some powerful new abilities.

She can now shoot while flying, making her a perfect counter against aerial enemies like Pharah. Similarly, she’s also been given a new ability called Micro Missiles that fire a volley of projectiles at the enemy all at once.

Mercy rework

Like with the “Overwatch” D.Va rework, it seems likely that we’ll also see the Mercy changes in the upcoming patch.

Her ultimate ability has now been changed to her second skill. She can only bring back one ally at a time on a cooldown basis. Her new ultimate ability, Valkyrie, greatly amplifies all of her current abilities. Moreover, the Resurrect cooldown is now 10 seconds from the original 30. The best thing about Valkyrie is that Mercy has the ability to fly, giving her the best escape option without having to rely on her team.