Ghost Recon Wildlands' new PvP mode called Ghost Wars is coming soon and the latest trailer is out now. The long-awaited PvP mode is free and it will run from September 21 to September 25. Interestingly, the new beta will be released as a standalone game, which means players do not have to purchase Wildlands to try the mode. Ghost War will feature special tutorials in selected categories, mainly Support, Marksman, and Assault.

Ubisoft delivers promised DLC

The PvP modes are part of Ubisoft's promise to add new DLCs on the "Ghost Recon Wildlands" game.

In March this year, these DLCs were announced and most of them have been released with Ghost War as the last entry to the DLC. According to Gamespot, Ghost War was announced last month and is finally arriving in a week's time.

If you are having second thoughts about buying Wildlands, the PS4 and Xbox One console each features a total of five hours of free game time on Wildlands. Xbox Achievements details the gameplay of the Wildlands as the open beta will feature five unique maps along with six of the twelve distinct classes which each of their own characteristics, weapons, perks and customisation options.

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This November, Microsoft is poised to release the most powerful console yet, the Xbox One X, and the games from different developers are working to get their titles on the console. If you can imagine yourself playing Ghost Recon on the platform, make sure to take advantage of these free offers from the developers.

Ubisoft' current Tom Clancy games

The free beta test, as well as five-hour game time, is given to let players experience the game and decide whether they want to play it. What could be more appealing than doing that now? Ubisoft has several games based on Tom Clancy's majestic and literary story telling of war zones. These titles include "The Division," "Ghost Recon Wildlands," "End War, " "Splinter Cell: Chaos," "Splinter Cell: Conviction, " "Splinter Cell: Blacklist," and Tom Clancy's "rainbow Six Siege."

Ghost Recon is not the only Ubisoft game that received a free trial.

According to IGN, "For Honor" in August featured a free campaign that featured access to multiplayer modes, maps, and more than 10 character selections. Interestingly, any progress on the trial version will migrate to the base game if the player decides to purchase "For Honor."