Overwatch” hero Mei is a Defense hero who slows down her opponents before finishing them off. She specializes in closing down zones and areas, stalling the enemy from making it to the point. Meanwhile, her ultimate ability is a great way to get foes off of the objective or mass freeze a handful of enemies. If you’re looking for a hero that specializes in area denial, here’s why you should pick ‘Overwatch’ hero Mei.

Slow burn

Mei’s primary fire showers the enemy with an icy blast and slows down their movement. If Mei manages to keep shooting the enemy for a few more seconds, they’ll be frozen for a short period of time.

This allows Mei to use her alternate fire and pelt the enemy with a large icicle in the face, effectively wiping them out. Mei works best as a close to mid range fighter who acts as a nightmare for squishier heroes. Once a Mei freezes you, it almost always means certain death, unless she misses the shot. That being said, Mei isn’t very effective when taking on a group of enemies as she only does best in 1v1 situations.


If ever Mei finds herself surrounded or in low health, she can use one of her abilities to freeze herself within a large ice block for a few seconds. During this period, she cannot move but regenerates health over time. Moreover, she is invincible during this state as even ultimate abilities cannot hurt her.

The only drawback here is that a group of waiting enemies can easily ambush her. To mix things up, she can leave her frozen shell earlier to catch foes off guard and build a wall to block their path.

Blocking off enemies

Mei’s next ability is her Ice Wall wherein she literally creates a wall of ice that can block off an area.

If the enemy team is charging in from one side or a certain choke point, she can hold them off with her Ice Wall. Another tactic she could do is prevent her enemy from escaping by blocking off their exit point. Enemies who try fleeing the battlefield are usually in low health, so Mei shouldn’t have any problems finishing off any wounded enemies.


When Mei uses her ultimate ability, she throws her trusty robot companion who freeze a large round area of the map. Enemies caught in the blast won’t be able to move, making them open for your team to attack. This is also a great zoning tool as opponents will usually scatter from the objective or payload if they hear Mei using her Blizzard. Overall, Mei is a sturdy character who is best used to hold off points and punish trickling intruders.