Overwatch” hero D.Va is one of the six tank heroes in the game who operates a bit differently than the conventional Tank. She’s seen a lot of use in competitive play, especially during the previous months when Blizzard made her a bit overpowered. While her health pool and armor has been switched around, D.Va is still a powerful Tank Hero with some good defensive options. If you’re looking to play a more defensive role in “Overwatch,” here’s why you should D.Va as your character.

Taking projectiles and ultimate abilities

Unlike Reinhardt or Orisa, “Overwatch” hero D.Va doesn’t actually have a solid barrier to block attacks.

Instead, she uses her Defense Matrix to “absorb” projectiles like bullets and rockets. This ability might not be so great against physical attacks, but D.Va can basically cancel out projectile-based ultimate abilities. Things like Mei’s Blizzard, Zarya’s Graviton Surge, and Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor are basically useless if used when she activates her Defense Matrix.

Great mobility

If you want a sturdy hero who isn’t limited by their movement speed, D.Va is one of the few mobile Tanks in the game. Her boosters allow her to fly around the field and the skill only has a very short cooldown. This allows D.Va to swoop in and protect her allies if she’s off fighting another enemy. Similarly, she can also make a quick escape if her mech is on the verge of breaking.

A second chance

Despite D.Va’s large health pool, it’s still possible for enemies to wreck her mech if she isn’t playing carefully. If ever her opponents manage to clear her mech’s HP, D.Va will hop out and resume battle in her pilot form. Here, she’s a very fragile fighter with only 150 HP and is only equipped with her blaster.

Her weapon is considerably weaker, but it has a fast firing rate that can catch foes off guard. Her ultimate ability was changed to “Call Mech” and she now charges much faster. Even if you’re out of your mech, you still have a fighting chance to get it back before your enemies actually knock you out.

No reloading

When in her mech form, D.Va relies on her Fusion Cannons to take down her enemies.

These guns are better used up close as they slow D.Va down when she uses it. However, the great thing about the Fusion Cannons is that she doesn’t need to reload them. Players can hold down the primary fire button and the Tank hero will continue using her weapon. That way, you can harass enemies easier as you can keep up the pressure without having to worry about running out of bullets.