The “OverwatchDeathmatch mode has just hit the PTR and fans are itching to try it out. Everyone has been playing a good amount of Free-For-All matches where they don’t need to depend on others to survive. Instead of working as a team, you are put in a 1v7 situation and the winning player must score 20 kills first. While the obvious choice here is to pick an Offense character, some stand out better than others. With that being said, here are the best heroes you can pick in the “Overwatch” Deathmatch mode.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 has become a staple pick in any team composition lately following his buff a few months back.

This hero can dish out some serious damage while also having the ability to literally run away from combat. Probably the best thing that makes him so viable in the “Overwatch” Deathmatch mode is the fact that he can also heal which keeps him alive much longer. Despite its low cooldown, the biotic field can restore Soldier: 76 back to full health, or he can stand on it while engaging an enemy to make it harder to kill him. If you’re good with aiming and want a self-sustaining hero, there’s no going wrong with picking Soldier: 76.


The recent hero added to “Overwatch,” Doomfist shook up the game with his powerful melee skills. He has the ability to one-shot his opponent with a Rocket Punch while having an easy escape with his other two abilities.

While he can’t heal himself, his passive ability grants him a bonus decayable shield every time he lands a successful hit with one of his abilities. Doomfist can easily survive any 1v1 encounter, granted you have enough game sense to avoid attacks like McCree’s Flashbang. If you want a hard hitting hero with a strong defense, go for this Talon member.


Unlike the other two, Tracer has the least HP and is the most fragile out of all the heroes in the game. In spite of this, she is also the fastest as she can zap around the field and confuse enemies. Aside from her amazing firepower, Tracer can also use her Recall ability to gain back the health she lost three seconds ago.

Moreover, this ability also removes any debuffs which give her another clean slate in battle. If anything, Tracer acts like an assassin enemy who surprises foes and zips away once the job is done. If you prioritize mobility, Tracer’s the one you want to play in the Deathmatch mode.

While the current mode is only available on the PTR, game developer Jeff Kaplan mentioned that it will be arriving in the main servers soon. You can play “Overwatch” on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.