Overwatch” has a unique way of explaining lore throughout different mediums like comics, cinematics, and even hints in the game. One particular nod to character interactions and relationships are through the sprays in the game. While they might not seem like much, some heroes actually have a few sprays that match up with another character’s Spray in the game. These hint at some potential friendships and relationships Blizzard has yet to really explore yet and act as a cool nod to the lore. With that being said, here are some of our favorite “Overwatch” spray combos.

Arm wrestling

Both Zarya and Reinhardt have two sprays of them arm wrestling the air, when it truth, they’ve actually competing against each other. It takes some time, but you can match these two designs together to form that arm wrestling match we’ve been hearing them talk about so much in the game. The real question here is that if Zarya really did go easy on Reinhardt because it was his birthday. Hopefully, Blizzard will give us the full details on their next match!

Going fishing

Not too long ago, “Overwatch” fans were constantly theorizing who Pharah’s real father was. Judging by the sweet conversation Ana and Reinhardt share before matches, many fans believed that the Tank character was her true father.

Unfortunately, Blizzard personally confirmed that he wasn’t, but the Pharah and Reinhardt still share a close bond with each other. Blizzard even decided to expand their relationship with this cute fishing spray! At least we know who the better fisherman (or woman) is.


Genji and Hanzo have one of the most complex relationships in the game seeing as how the latter tried to kill his own brother.

These two have always symbolized something more, and it's clear that Blizzard wanted to represent that through sprays. Both characters can form the Yin Yang symbol representing their distinct sides in the lore.

Feral cuteness

While it isn’t actually canon, D.Va has her cute bunny spray which describes her cutesy, carefree personality.

However, you can match this up with the generic fangs spray which gives it a more wicked twist. If you’re feeling extra devilish, you can add Symmeta’s turret to the eyes and make a full-blown monster painting that can surprise and kill foes. A perfect combination for Halloween this year!

Angel wings

Mercy has a spray that can give anything her angel wings, so it’s fun to go around and spray them on everything. One fine example is D.Va turning her back and saying GG while Mercy’s angel wings are attached to the main spray. There are so many combinations to choose from and it’s worth setting this as her default spray.