The latest “OverwatchPTR update has just arrived and players were treated to some major changes. To begin with, the Deathmatch Arcade mode is now live, so you can play for kills instead of escorting payloads or contesting control points. Similarly, a few other characters like Junkrat, Roadhog, Orisa, and Widowmaker have gotten some buffs which should make them a bit more viable in battle. However, one Redditor has discovered some visual changes in Numbani that fall in line with the current lore we have in the game.

Doomfist’s destruction

As we know from Orisa’s origins video, Doomfist went on a terrifying rampage at the Numbani airport and destroyed various OR-15 robots in the process of recovering his gauntlet.

Because of this, the Numbani map changed to reflect the destruct he created. There’s now a big hole with crushed robots in the Attackers’ point A spawn room.

That aside, another thing worth pointing out was the destruction of the payload. Before Orisa was patched in, players were actually delivering Doomfist’s gauntlet to the Numbani museum during the escort mission. Now, the payload’s glass was shattered as the Talon member had already reclaimed his weapon, so everything falls in line with the lore. In spite of this, players were wondering what was the purpose of delivering a payload to a museum with nothing in it.

New changes in the PTR

Following the recent PTR patch, Blizzard has also made some visual changes in Number following Doomfist’s release.

Redditor oCrapaCreeper has shared a few screenshots which point to these overhauled designs. Firstly, the three Doomfist posters in the Defenders’ Point B spawn room have been retconned to generic banners instead. Instead of actually placing Akande in the “successor” banner, they were replaced with posters that read, “Omnium Build In Nigeria,” “Omnic Crisis Peace Accords,” and “Construction of Numbani” respectively.

That isn’t the only thing that’s changed in “Overwatch” as the original gauntlet exhibit was changed with Orisa’s supercharger instead. Furthermore, there;s also a short excerpt that points to Efi Oladele and her achievements in Numbani. Lastly, the current payload has been rehauled with a new container that reads “Property of Numbani Heritage Museum” instead of broken glass.

That way, players now have a better reason in delivering that payload, albeit Blizzard hasn’t exactly revealed what’s inside the container. Overall, these visual changes are a cool nod to the slowly developing “Overwatch” lore that we’ll hopefully learn more about soon. Those who want to play Blizzard’s first-person shooter can grab a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.