If there’s one thing fans love about “Overwatch” outside of the game, its director Jeff Kaplan. This man has been the highlight of all the developer's updates and is pretty much the face of the game’s development team. Many fans have created memes and jokes about him, but at the end of the day, a lot of people respect the game developer for making “Overwatch.” Just recently, he appeared in a developer update wearing a D.Va jersey that caught the attention of many fans.

Kaplan claps back

Kaplan likes to comb through the various topics in the game’s official forums as he likes to keep a stable communication between the developers and the fans.

In line with this, one poster made a topic called “Love Dva, but would not wear that jersey in public,” referencing one of Kaplan’s outfits in the past few developer updated. There certainly wasn’t any malice behind the topic as user “ohbybob” openly stated that he loved D.Va and even thanked the Game Director for all of his hard work. However, he claimed that he jersey he wore wasn’t really a good look and he would be embarrassed to wear it in front of anyone.

Kaplan apparently noticed the topic and decided to poke fun the “ohbybob.” In response to this, he answered, “u just jelly, bro” which caught the attention of other forum users. It’s great to see the game director mingling among the fans aside from constantly maintaining his stiff countenance during developer updates.

Memes about the ‘Overwatch’ game director

With that being said, his openness to the fans might be one of the main reasons why they adore him so much. There have been various parodies about Kaplan’s developer updated with YouTuber Dinoflask constantly releasing new memes after every official video. In Dinoflask’s versions, he pieces together clips of past updates to make a joke version of the latest developer update.

Dinoflask’s videos have picked up so much popularity over the past few months that even Kaplan himself admitted to watching them already. One famous quote from these various parodies is “Wrestle with Jeff, prepare for death” which had spawned countless fan arts and memes. However, it wasn’t all fun and games as the director literally clapped back at a fan in the past who was complaining in the forums, asking them if they play their own game. Nonetheless, the “Overwatch” game director admitted that he was out of line and apologized to the player, even providing them with some “World of Warcraft” freebies.