Microsoft is now working on the next console following the Xbox One X. While the upcoming console dubbed as the Project Scorpio or Beast by several analysts is not yet available on the market, there are several reports now claiming that the Redmond-based tech giant is already working on their next console installment.

Latest leak

The upcoming console from Microsoft known under the codename Project Scorpio will officially release as Xbox One X in the later part of the year. The device will be equipped with impressive features that set it apart from the previous console installment.

It will mark the company’s official launch of its vision in the future of gaming where for them, continuous compatibility is no longer the norm but rather a standard.

Recently, Jez Corden, a popular leaker, and a famous Microsoft insider revealed that the company is now working on the development of their next console. According to the insider, the next console might probably release two years after the official release of the Project Scorpio. Most likely, a 2020 launch.

What could the next console be like?

Aside from that information, Corden also shared that the next system might be a refresh of the Xbox One X. Regarding naming, the Microsoft insider revealed that the Redmond-based tech titan might do away with the generations.

In other words, the term Xbox might not be used anymore in referring to the generation of the console.

If this latest leak is accurate, most likely, speculations about the next console following the Project Scorpio might be loud in the later part of 2017. For now, it is too early to speculate about Microsoft’s next Gaming console considering the latest is not yet even officially available.

Interestingly, the next iteration of the Japanese’s console has been already a hot topic among gaming and tech analysts. While Sony has not yet confirmed if the upcoming PlayStation 5 is indeed in the development, several gaming aficionados are already talking about the possible specs of the console.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Xbox One X is scheduled to release in the UK on November 7, 2017.

The device will be available at £449.99 ($599) per unit. The device is equipped with 8-core 2.3GHz CPU and a GPU that can run at 1,172MHz. It also has a 12GB of GDDR5 RAM with an unbelievable 326GB/sec bandwidth. It is also fully compatible with XB1 controllers. Moreover, the upcoming gaming console is VR and 4K ready.