As most players expected, the "Overwatch" development team continues to fine tune the team-based shooter in order to find the perfect balance. It has been reported that the game's director, Jeff Kaplan, considers the current build already balanced. However, there have been reports that players noticed a couple of balance changes to characters other than Doomfist. Most PTR gamers are already aware that the new hero is still being evaluated. There have been a significant number of feedbacks regarding the newly added character's abilities being imbalanced.

Overpowered puncher

Doomfist being nerfed is not really a big surprise for most PTR participants. Given that Blizzard just recently made him available within the "Overwatch" test region, players and members of the dev team are sure to notice some balance issues with the character. The new update patch reportedly carries two noteworthy changes for the powerful pugilist. One of them adds a UI indicator for his Seismic Slam attack, which indicates the estimated damage and total damage dealt afterward. Another tweak nerfs his Rocket Punch attack total travel distance by 20 percent. Some players apparently noticed the change prior to the developer's official announcement.

Attack characters were buffed

It looks like "Overwatch" attack heroes Mcree and Reaper were selected to receive some upgrades. According to the latest patch notes, the shadowy shooter received some changes to his Shadow Step skill with reduced voice over and sound effects distance, thereby keeping opponents from detecting the ability's activation.

On the other hand, the gun-slinging cowboy now flaunts a better Flashbang move that considerably slows down targets.

'Overwatch' tanks also need some love

The updated PTR version also improves two of the game's tank heroes. The Russian soldier Zarya gets a well-needed upgrade to her Graviton Surge ultimate move. Enemies caught in the maelstrom of gravity can no longer escape using their movement abilities.

The game actually disables these specific skills when the characters are caught in the vortex just like Junkrat's trap. The hulking knight Reinhardt also gets a faster attack as his hammer swing speed becomes 10 percent faster. The devs have also tweaked the hit detection details so that it will feel more responsive. A final change for the armored hero is Charge attack no longer damages another charging enemy (like Doomfist or another Reinhardt), but both characters will end up knocked down.

More changes on the way

"Overwatch" players should expect more changes to various reported issues, according to Jeff Kaplan. As of now, all of the detailed changes mentioned above are limited to the PTR only.

Blizzard has not provided an estimated timeframe for the tweaks to take effect for all retail copies. However, the Summer Games seasonal event is expected to bring all of these changes along with its launch.