The New Year Eve event and the powerful Boom Box have added fun and joy to many “Fortnite” players these past few days. Some players are still talking about the bomb that explodes every hour depending on your location as the game’s version of celebrating and welcoming the New Year. Several others are still scheming strategies on how to better use the damaging Boom Box to their advantage. However, just recently, some players vent out their frustrations about the latest bug that destroys their momentum and cost them some Victory Royales.

Latest Grappler bug

On Reddit, Redditor named DJ Yonder shared what “Fortnite” player named Nick eh 30 discovered while playing the battle royale game. The discovery of the frustrating Grappler bug came at the most opportune time where he tried to use his Grappler to get through the storm that had apparently overtaken him. As seen on the video, the player released the item on several occasions.

However, it is very noticeable that the Grappler failed to latch on the ground in his front. This happened while the storm pushed further in the distance. The player lashed out his frustration and bewilderment as he saw the glitch compromising his game. He even said that he hates the game so much he wanted to keep on playing it.

Upon realizing that there is a bug and that it is of no use, the streamer dropped the item. However, he found himself near the danger and dying just when he was about to escape the storm. Although the clip of the steamer has drawn the necessary attention, several members of the game’s subreddit claimed that the glitch has been in the game for some time now.

One player even said that the bug was in the game for more than three weeks already.

The update

In September 2018, Epic Games released the V5.40 update to the popular game. The update officially integrated the Grappler. This item serves as a grappling gun that enables players to zip line their way around the map in a fast way.

This has made the Grappler as one of the fan-favorite items in the title. However, with the recent development, it seems that the bug will cause the players to think twice when picking up this item.

Epic games have not yet released any official statement about this bug. It appears that the developer is yet to address this issue with the Grappler. However, “Fortnite” players are hopeful that Epic Games will soon release a fix to address this issue. It could be included in the next weekly update of the game.