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Microsoft is a popular software giant based in Redmond, Washington. Founded by Bill Gates, the company initially developed DOS operating system followed by Windows 3.1. If you had worked with computers during mid-1990's, you should know about the vintage Windows 3.1. The company continued to release new iterations of Windows from time to time. Moreover, the company also released operating systems for servers such as Windows NT and Windows Servers. The lack of trusted professional was a big problem. Hence, Microsoft created certification examinations for various topics.

On the development front, Microsoft launched Visual Basic 6, which was very popular until the release of .NET Framework in 2002. The Visual Interdev was one of the most famous IDE's using which you can work with server-side programming such as ASP, VBScript and much more. After the rapid evolution of Microsoft.NET, Microsoft ventured to launch Visual Studio.

The launch of Windows Mobile was a huge stepping stone for Microsoft. Consequently, the Redmond-based giant launched series of devices in partnership with HP and Nokia such as iPaq and Lumia branded smartphones. Microsoft also launched their own exclusive Surface convertible tablets and are available in several models and variants.

The aim of the Microsoft channel is to curate the content specific to Microsoft. In this channel, you will find content related to Microsoft software and technologies. You will find the latest news, information about new hardware releases including the comparison of Surface with other identical tablets. We will also cover software related news of products developed by the software giant.

Our mission is to provide you breaking news related to Microsoft software and hardware written by talented blasters located worldwide. With the help of Microsoft channel, you will be able to keep track of all the latest news under a single umbrella. We bring you the latest news, financial news, software and hardware releases including interviews with executives. We are gearing up to cover plenty of latest news. Stay tuned.

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