Studio Wildcard is set to release another patch for the popular action-adventure survival game, “Ark: Survival Evolved.” However, it appears that the scheduled release has met another delay. For the past weeks, the studio has been working hard addressing issues that come along with the Xbox One’s latest game build.

Delayed PlayStation 4 patch

The release of the PlayStation 4 patch for “Ark: Survival Evolved” has been delayed for several times already. As much as possible, Studio Wildcard would like to resolve the issues first with the latest Xbox One version of the game before rolling out the patch for the Japanese console.

The game developer would like to avoid shipping the same bugs encountered on the Microsoft’s console to the PS4.

The recent update released has increased the quality of the visuals in the game. This huge change made the in-game creatures take up a substantial amount of memory. Several players reported having encountered game crashes after the latest build was rolled out. The gaming studio has to come up with hotfixes to solve this, consuming most of their time and causing the delayed release.

Next big updates

A few minutes ago, Studio Wildcard Lead Community Manager Jat announced on his official Twitter account that the patch for the console would most likely arrive on June 13 from the previous initial release date of June 12.

Patch v510 for PlayStation 4 is expected to roll out a set of bug fixes. Aside from the usual fixes, on June 19, the studio will release the much-awaited Ragnarok mod along with another set of updates. It will be available on both consoles.

PS 4 v510 highlights

Among the highlights of the upcoming PlayStation 4 patch of the game includes the new Tek Tapajera Saddle.

Players will also learn a new Crafting Skill in the game along with a new crafting speed. The latest crafting skill will increase the quality of crafted blueprint to 64 percent. It will then show the player’s name as well as the player’s tribe name. Players can also see the percentage of bonus received from the crafting activity.

Moreover, the new crafting skill will give an increased stat benefits for players who prefer to prepare custom recipes.

A new feature will also roll out in the form of Corpse locator. During in-game death, players will now easily locate where they die because a ray of light will shoot in the sky. This feature is enabled by default on Official Servers. We will give you more updates on “Ark: Survival Evolved” as soon as information becomes available.