After much rumor and speculation, Studio Wildcard has finally made their future plans regarding "Ark Survival Evolved," available for fans and followers. The action-gaming series was expected to receive an update sometime last month. However, after the news regarding Xbox One and Ragnarok's other plans started emerging online, the update apparently got delayed quite a bit. It has now been clarified for once and for all that, as expected previously, Studio Wildcard won't be rolling out the scheduled update for "ARK Survival Evolved" PS4 version anytime soon as yet.

Release date delayed

According to a report by Express, Studio Wildcard has apparently postponed the release date for the update to July 14th, in two days. The official Community Manager of Studio Wildcard recently took to the Twitter platform to explain the reason behind the delay. He started off by establishing that the console date won't be out for either, Xbox or PS4 as expected today. According to him, this issue is occurring because there are still some unresolved issues that need to be taken care of. He, then, went on to state that Studio Wildwest aims to work on bringing the promised update as soon as possible.The update is also much needed for the "ARK Survival Evolved."

The bug will be fixed

He further added that he will keep the fans posted about any kinds of update.

At first, PC update will be essentially deployed. The update is reportedly going to come equipped with a number of new bug fixes. He finally concluded by saying that while there is nothing wrong with the upcoming update, the game developers just want to ensure that it meets perfection. Therefore, they are planning on taking a day or two more in order to work it out before it is finally available for fans to download.

Meanwhile, it appears like Studio Wildcard has been working really hard at ensuring that "ARK Survival Evolved" update for the PS4 remains on point for the fans. The game developer has apparently increased the visual quality of "ARK" creatures on Xbox One in the process. Therefore, the same can be expected in the upcoming PS4 update.

Their main aim at the moment is to ensure that the update for PS4 is perfect and on par with the user's expectations as well. As mentioned previously, the upcoming update is scheduled to arrive in the next 12 or 24 hours or so. The above-given information has been attested by the game developers.