Blizzard could not figure out until now the cause of Reinhardt’s latency and hammer issues. This seems to be the current state as “Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently posted on the game’s forum that he is asking for the community’s assistance.

Latest issues

Players have been complaining loudly about several issues about Reinhardt for several weeks already. Several players are fuming because the game developer has not yet addressed this old problem. The majority of these challenges are latency related. Among the issues reported by players includes wide-ranging issues like most often, Reinhardt's Hammer Swing main attack applies its damage at the end of the animation instead of having it at the start.

There are also others who reported that the hero’s Charge does not pin the opponent. Even though the enemy was directly hit, the Charge only pushes the opponent to the side. Aside from that, his Earthshatter appears to miss the targets most of the time. According to some players, these issues become more noticeable after the patch 1.11. In this patch, Reinhardt's Earthshatter was nerfed.

Blizzard’s response

Just recently, “Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan responded to the community through his post in the forums. According to him, Blizzard is currently investigating about Reinhardt. Moreover, the game director asked the community to produce videos as well as system specs for the issue if ever they encounter one.

This, according to him could be very helpful in finally pinning down the cause of the problem.

Latest Heroes changes in PTR

Today, Blizzard also rolls out several changes to multiple heroes. Among them includes McCree, Reaper, Zarya, and even Reinhardt. Several changes were made to the Hammer swinging hero in the PTR. Among these includes increasing the speed of its Hammer Swing by 10 percent.

Other changes include timing and other details making the Hammer more responsive. His Charge no longer deals damage when impacted. However, he still gets knocked down. McCree’s flashbang was also tweaked. While Zarya’s Graviton Surge is now similar to Junkrat’s trap. Reaper’s Shadow Step’s SFX and VO distance have been decreased.

While fans are anticipating a Roadhog buff, none was released at the moment. Even Doomfist has not received any tweaks. Instead, the 25th hero of “Overwatch” has his progression and cosmetics rolled out today. Blasting News reported about this in another article, complete with his emotes, skins, and even his voicelines.