Fans have long been waiting for an announcement from Bethesda on the release date or details about “The Elder Scrolls 6.” However, the game studio has been very silent about whether the game is going to be released this year or not. If a report by an analyst can be trusted, it appears that the long wait might be over, and fans can get their hands on the much-awaited game soon. Most of the information I am providing in this article comes from reports by Games Industry and Gaming Bolt.

Latest release date

Bethesda Game Studios announced “The Elder Scrolls 6” during E3.

The main concern of the studio is probably dispelling the fears of the gaming world regarding the game. The announcement did not reveal anything. The general belief of the gaming public is that prior to the kickoff of this game, Bethesda will first release “Starfield.” I also want to share a new "Fornite" bug.

Michael Pachter, the securities analyst at Wedbush, has a different timeline in mind. He believes that the flop of Bethesda’s “Fallout 76” might have triggered the gaming studio to change its plans. In his interview with Games Industry, Pachter revealed what he expects will happen this 2019. The analyst stated that the gaming studio might fast track the development and completion of the game for 2019 to compensate for the disaster of “Fallout 76.

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Are we seeing it this year?

Pachter also predicted the same thing to happen with “ESVI.” He noted that it would be released in 2018. I still enjoyed the teaser trailer. So far, Bethesda has not revealed anything about the game. I think that the game could turn into a disaster if the studio ends up rushing it and releasing it before it is actually ready for the public.

I also won't deny the fact, that although the game studio has not yet revealed anything about the sixth installment, this does not mean that they are not working on it. There were several job postings, in the past, leaked on the internet, about the much-anticipated title. If Bethesda Game Studios has been working on the game for a number of years, then there is a chance that Pachter could be right.

Until this information is confirmed by the game maker itself, this story is just a mere prediction. I am still excited about it. The predecessor of “The Elder Scrolls 6,” “Skyrim,” is playable in PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 3.