"Overwatch" fans are possibly one of the main reasons explaining why the game has achieved such popularity over the past year. Their enthusiasm for Blizzard’s first-person shooter has produced plenty of fanfictions, artworks, theories, and even unique ways on how to play the game. While most gamers would normally choose to play the game using a keyboard and mouse or a controller, some fans take it up a notch by immersing themselves with their playstyle.

Taking Doomfist to a Literal Level

Redditor AtwerkinYoshi has recently shared a short gif on the website showcasing his Doomfist skills through literal boxing.

His right arm has a boxing glove with wires attached while his other hand is controlling some sort of thumbstick that moves his character in the game. There are various clips of him imitating Doomfist’s skills which smoothly translates into the game.

Punching upward with the glove activates the iconic Rising Uppercut while slamming his fist sends forth a powerful shockwave in the game. Similarly, punching forward will also make Doomfist use his alternate fire skill. Unfortunately, the YouTuber didn’t showcase how he would activate the character’s ultimate skill, Meteor Strike.

Controlling Heroes With Other Devices

While it may seem a little strange, there have been other instances when “Overwatch” players used literal items to control their characters.

YouTuber Rudeism has uploaded several clips of himself playing characters with items that link to their culture or their actual weapon. One prime example is when he played the “Overwatch” hero Hanzo with a Nerf Bow.

Similarly, he has also played the other sniper, Widowmaker, using a baguette. You might think that using food as a controller sounds really strange, and the truth is that it really is.

However, Rudeism personally mentioned that it was the most advanced controller he built thus far and it actually works, if not a fully effective choice. The YouTuber has also played Winston using bananas and Ana with teacups.

All of this just goes to show just how creative fans really are when it comes to their games. With this in mind, maybe we can expect some more crazy ways on how these players will control future characters that Blizzard plans to release. Those who want to play Doomfist can download the latest PTR patch on “Overwatch” for the PC. There is still no word on when he will arrive in the live servers for now.