Tekken 7” has become one of the most popular fighting games this year since it released last month. Fighting game fans were looking forward to the traditional “Tekken” playstyle as well as the new features, modes, and characters that were introduced in this installment. Similarly, the fighting game offers some impressive graphics and physics to help with its realism.

Strangely enough, however, is that the robot character, Alisa, actually has Jiggle Physics for her chest. As a robot, some found it strange that the character had such... human-like qualities despite being made out of artificial materials.

Luckily, the “Tekken 7” director addressed the strange reason behind her body’s physics and why it actually jiggles.

Alisa’s Physics in ‘Tekken 7’

In a recent Twitter post, game director Katsuhiro Harada answered a fan who asked why did Alisa have jiggle physics, to begin with. He claimed that “her skeleton by Tungsten carbide & the outer skin armor consists of titanium & depleted uranium,” yet it is surrounded by artificial skin. Moreover, they act as some form of shock absorbers, hence why her chest is so dynamic.

However, it’s still quite strange that Harada aimed for this kind design, especially considering the fact that Alisa was based on the likeness of Harada’s daughter, as per Kotaku. Even so, the director has been quite vocal about expressing his opinions over “anime waifus,” so it isn’t actually that strange that he would comment on the issue.

That aside, Alis first debuted in “Bloodline Rebellion” and has become quite the popular character for her appearance and playstyle. She plays a major role in the latest installment and still retains her popularity.

Time for Bowling

On a more serious note, GameSpot shares that "Tekken Bowl" will finally be arriving in the game as a DLC.

This classic game mode allowed for some quirky fun when players needed a break from all the battling. From the name itself, you can pick your favorite hero and go bowling with them. It’s a fairly straightforward minigame, but it still serves its purpose as a great distraction.

"Tekken Bowl" was included in “Tekken Tag Tournament” back for the PlayStation 2 and was included up until “Dark Resurrection.” Since then, the mini-game had yet to make a return to the franchise until now. However, Bandai Namco has yet to reveal the price for the upcoming DLC. For now, fans can play “Tekken 7” on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.