The “Overwatch” competitive scene is a wild one as minor changes to characters can completely turn the meta around. Characters like Reaper and Winston, who haven’t seen much use over the past few seasons, are finally getting some much-needed love after their latest buffs. Roadhog, on the other hand, has been getting looked over this current competitive season after Blizzard patched in his nerf.

In line with this, one of the craziest metas in “Overwatch” history was the infamous Triple Tank Meta. The ringleader of think tank-filled show was none other than the healing sniper, Ana Amari, who could dish out an impressive number of heals thanks to her arsenal at the time.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see exactly what this whole strategy was about.

One of the Craziest Metas in ‘Overwatch’

According to Kotaku, the Triple Tank Meta was heavily criticized by players in the pro scene as it was “boring to watch” and supposedly did not require much skill to pull off. While the previous complaint before this strategy was Genji, many players quickly pointed out that Overwatch was becoming something similar to “World of Tanks.”

The composition itself was simple: a team picked three tanks and one support. Moreover, the essential picks included Ana and Reinhardt. Ana had some whopping healing power under her arsenal as her grenade could enhance healing by 100 percent for a short period of time.

Because of this, tanks would easily get their HP back with just a few shots from the healing sniper.

Death of the Triple Tank Meta

All things must come to an end and so did this strategy in “Overwatch”. Dot Esport shares that Blizzard eventually found the root cause of the meta which was none other than Ana’s biotic grenade. The extra healing effect was deemed too powerful and so the effect was reduced from 100 percent extra healing down to 50.

And while Ana was hit by the nerf hammer during the time, she still retains her status as one of the best support heroes in the game.

Overall, this nerf made tanks much easier to kill which eventually saw DPS heroes making their return to the competitive scene. Couple this with the fact that D.Va had also gotten her major nerf, the meta was slowly returning back to its 2/2/2 composition.

Team composition continues to vary until now as Reinhardt is no longer a staple tank when there are other options like Orisa and Winston. Moreover, Reaper officially regained his status as a tank buster thanks to his health buff which helped his position in the “Overwatch” meta.