Overwatch” has just gotten their 25th hero, the highly-anticipated Doomfist, on the PTR and players are itching to try him out. From his name alone, the character specializes in melee skills using his large gauntlet. On the other hand, the hero also has a sidearm on his other hand that allows him to dish out some damage while his abilities are on cooldown.

Unlike the other heroes in the game, Doomfist heavily relies on physical attacks and getting up close and personal with his enemies. He is the tankiest Offense hero because os his passive ability and also has the ability to stun enemies.

Read on below to learn about Doomfist’s full skillset.

The ‘Overwatch’ hero’s abilities

According to PVP Live, Doomfist is a highly mobile Offense character and is best used on the front lines. His primary fire is called the Hand Cannon which is a short ranged weapon with a spread that reloads automatically. Meanwhile, his alternate fire is called the Rocket Punch and this is where his playstyle really comes to life. You can hold this attack down to charge it and launch forward, knocking an enemy back. It is worth noting that the damage increases if the target hits a wall.

His Shift ability is called Rising Uppercut that knocks an enemy into the air while his E skill, Seismic Slam, makes him smash the ground.

Doomfist’s ultimate ability is called Meteor Strike wherein he launches in the air and a large reticle appears on the field. The player can target an enemy on the field and press fire to jump back down and decimate the area. Finally, he also has a passive ability known as The Best Defense that grants him a temporary personal shield as he continues to deal damage.

His strategies

Judging by his abilities, Doomfist will most likely be a popular pick in terms of dive composition. While he is still subject to change, the character could work well with the likes of D.Va, Winston, Tracer or Ana. In addition, he can also combo his ult with heroes like Zarya that can be used to one-shot opponents if the timing and positioning are right.

There’s no denying that Doomfist will be a popular hero among ‘Overwatch’ fans when he reaches the live servers. The hero could possibly be a key element for the current meta judging by his powerful skillset, but he also seems to have a steep learning curve as well. Nevertheless, Doomfist will certainly shake up the core gameplay of the game for being one of the few characters that specialize in physical abilities. He is currently available to play on the PTR for testing, but only for PC players.