With the number of details Bungie has rolled since a few weeks back, it is safe to say that fans have a clear understanding of what “Destiny 2” is all about. While some are interested in the new features of the sequel, some are simply not. Either way, the forthcoming title is shaping to be a massive one.

In hopes of providing fans some concrete knowledge of “Destiny 2,” below is a simple guide to almost everything Bungie unveiled. It should be noted that most of these were based on previous interviews and/or revelations courtesy of the game’s developers.

What the developers want with the sequel

The sequel basically works as a direct follow-up to the original game. This means that the sequel’s main storyline is connected to the latter, contrary to what fans believed previously. Bungie noted that the second game, despite following the events from the first game, will be pretty much different. It will cater to both new and returning players, though the studio is keen on acquiring more of the new players. To do this, the developers will be adding more endgame contents (e.g. weapons, Nightfall Strikes, planets, etc.) to provide a better gameplay experience.

According to IGN, any progress made by players with their Guardians with be reset in “Destiny 2.” Previously, players assumed that whatever progress they make with the Guardians would be carried over to the sequel.

However, Bungie confirmed that cosmetic choices will instead be carried over. It should be noted that both weapons and gears will be stripped away, allowing players to start over in these aspects in the next game.

The classes and subclasses

The first official trailer for “Destiny 2” actually revealed the core of the game’s class system.

Unfortunately, Bungie will not be adding any new classes to the sequel. This means the previous classes from the original game will also be the classes in the new game. However, the studio did inform players that subclasses will be introduced instead. All of these are focused on strategic teamwork, both in PvP and PvE. These three subclasses are namely, Titan Sentinel (summons a shield for throwing and defending), Warlock Dawnblade (summons a flaming sword of sort) and Hunter Arcstrider (utilizes a staff with various elemental abilities).

Bungie promised that more details about the subclasses in “Destiny 2” will be revealed in the next few weeks. While this is not entirely what players wanted, the studio is confident that the subclass system will do extremely well. Of course, this is something that can only be determined once the game releases.