The “OverwatchOffense heroes are usually tasked with wiping out enemies to secure routes or protect their allies (especially healers). One character, Reaper, specializes in taking out large foes with his pair of shotguns. He deals the most damage when fighting on the front lines as his weapon has weak range. This Talon member a great Offense hero to start out with because of the simplicity of his kit and high health pool. Here are a few tips for players who are looking into starting out with this “Overwatch” Offense hero.

Use Shadow Step

Despite being a frontline fighter, Reaper has a skill called Shadow Step he can use to move around the field and flank enemies.

However, many often forget to use this skill because of how limited its use is. If you ever find yourself away from a fight, use Shadow Step to get closer to an enemy or reach high places like roofs or platforms. You can melt unsuspecting enemies from behind and even use your ultimate ability, Death Blossom when they're least expecting it. The only downside to this skill is that you’re wide open after successfully teleporting. Make sure to find cover or transfer to a secluded place to avoid getting killed after Shadow Stepping.

Wraith Form acts more than an easy escape

Reaper’s second skill called Wraith Form makes him impervious to enemy attacks as he dissolves into mist. Once activated, you’ll have a few seconds to back away and retreat from the fight.

Take note that your allies can still heal you and you can pass over health packs to regain some stamina. While Wraith Form acts as Reaper’s only escape, it also has a few other perks as well. If you're affected by any debuffs like anti-heal, you can use Wraith Form to clear it away. Similarly, Reaper will automatically reload once the hero materializes again.

Fight for health

Previously, defeated enemies would usually drop Soul Globes for Reaper to collect and regain health. Blizzard eventually patched this feature out and instead allowed him to recover 20 percent of health for each damage he has dealt. In line with this, don’t be afraid to shred enemies at close range. Tanks like D.Va, Roadhog, Orisa, and Reinhardt are easy targets because of their large frames and can provide the hero with an ample amount of health.

Nonetheless, you should still know when to disengage from fights, especially if your HP gets too low for your passive ability to recover enough health. “Overwatch” hero Reaper’s playstyle is all about balance and making the proper choice between fight or flight.