This year was a decent one for gaming, although next year is shaping up to be a great and special one for video games. The PlayStation 4 has been dominating the game market since its release and now there are many unique, exclusive games coming out for the console.

Sony has only solidified itself as one of the best gaming companies by having an impressive E3 conference and a vast assortment of diverse games and quality services. Here are the top three video games that are going to arrive in 2018 on the PS4.

The Last of Us Part II

"The Last of Us" was one of the greatest games ever made as a PlayStation exclusive.

It got a game of the year for a good reason. It had a compelling and interesting story, decent multiplayer, powerful weapons, grueling suspense, and a great cast of realistic characters.

Additionally, it had a beautiful setting in a post-apocalyptic world zombie world. Simply put, the game was a masterpiece, and it had everything that an amazing game should have.

The new sequel is set to release at some time at the beginning of 2018 and will feature an angrier Ellie, the main protagonist of the story, alongside another character Joel. A trailer shown months ago shows anger as a central theme to the plot. It is no secret that this is going to be a top game and another compelling and special one at that.

God of War 4

God Of War is another great and highly acclaimed exclusive PlayStation game series, and a new game is in the making. This is surely going to be another hit game for next year on the PS4 console. The legendary figure Kratos is back in full force and this time with the story being rooted in Norse mythology.

This time around, he has a son, along with a full beard.

Kratos is seen mentoring and training his young son on how to be a man and his son aids him along the journey. By the looks of trailers and gameplay shown, the game follows the same winning formula with great combat and unique enemies. God of War fans will be excited to play the game next year.


Spider-Man is a likable superhero, and he is one of the most iconic ones.

The wall-crawler has his own game coming out onto the PS4 next year. The game is being made by notable studio Insomniac Games, one of the best in the video game business. It is the game studio that brought the classic and acclaimed game series, "Ratchet and Clank."

The new Spider-Man game looks very exciting and unique in its early previews. The mechanics of the game look spot on and moving around the city looks effortless. The graphics look incredible, and the city looks very realistic. The combat looks satisfying too and there will be a lot of crime to fight in the city.

The game is going to be a popular exclusive game for next year. Games should be looking to buy these three video games in the future. Fans have a great value of new games coming out onto the PlayStation 4 to keep them busy.